Friday, January 31, 2014

9 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog, Even If You’re Just Starting Out

Did you ever wanted to make money with your blog? But don't know how? There are many ways to earn with your blog and here are some of them.

1. Affiliate Marketing
This is one way of earning that I do. It is a process which you refer a product on your blog and get a commission if a sale is made. This is much more effective if you refer a product that is relevant to to the topic of your blog/website. There are many affiliates programs as of now. (Clickbank, Amazon, etc.)

2. Sell eGoods
It is so much better if you have your own product to sell online like eBooks, Software, Reports etc. It is very convenient because the cost of making it and delivering it is very favorable.

3. Sell Hard Goods
Like an e-commerce sites, you can sell clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. Wordpress plugins WP e-commerce can be installed to your site to make it much more simple, other sites have shopping cart solution and use Paypal as their form of payment.

4. Google Adsense
This is how I earn for a living. It is the most high paying contextual CPC (cost per click) network. It allows you to partner up with Google and displays their advertiser’s ads it could be image ads or text ads when a visitor clicks on your ads you earn a revenue.

5. Sell Custom Merchandise
Some sites like CafePress and Zazzle allow you to customize your own design on their merchandise like (T-shirts, mugs, hats, etc.). You can add their widget on your blog to display your designs and make extra sales.

6. Sell Ad Space
Once you have hundreds of traffic per day, you may start to think to sell ad space in your website. Ad space have fixed price per month. For example an advertiser buys an Ad space on your website that costs $100 per month, whether visitors will click it or not, you will still be paid $100 per month

7. Chitika
This Contextual CPC program is a external link text only ads that's its purpose is to be relevant to the topic on your website, but sometimes, sad to say, it is not.

8. Clicksor
This is another Contextual CPC program but much less strict than Google Adsense when it comes to  getting accepted. If you qualify, you can be a premium partner that can drive you even more revenue.

9. Donations

I think this is the most easiest way of earning. you can find many widgets for this but I much prefer to get it from Paypal. Paypal is the universal way to accept donations from your website.


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